About Public Credit Registry

Public Credit Registry Department (PCR) is established in the organizational structure of Da Afghanistan Bank in 2008, to collect the credit information from commercial banks and financial institutions, provide a value added services, process and analyze the information, issue credit reports, develop scores based on international best practices and issue certified secured transaction notices. Operations of PCR department are governed by Law for Secured Transaction on Movable Property in Banking Transactions, Regulation on Registration of secured Charges and Credit Reporting Regulation. Also, soon after the creation of Immovable Collateral Registry the Mortgage law and Regulation will also be applicable to this very department.

The purpose of PCR department is to:
Reduce fraudulent applications for credit
Provide a consumer with the ability to assemble a positive lending history, reduce their cost of borrowing, and increase access to credit
Enable banks to better control credit risk
Notify third parties of the potential existence of a charge and
Establish the priority of a charge based on the date and time of registration.

PCR department is supported by:
1- International Finance Corporation (IFC)
2- International Development Association

The distinguishing feature of PCR department is the maintenance of two major registries from the financial infrastructure for the development of financial sector which are as follows:
1- Public Credit Registry (PCR)
2- Collateral Registry (CR)