Organization of Public Awareness Workshop to Share Recent Developments of PCR System with Commercial Banks and Microfinance Institutions

14 October 2018

 ورکشاپ آگاهی عامه  برنامه انکشافات اخیر سیستم های ثبت اعتبارات عامه   On Oct 14, 2018, Public Credit Registry Department of Da Afghanistan Bank organized a full day public awareness workshop for Commercial Banks and Microfinance Institutions at Intercontinental Hotel. The workshop was organized to highlight the recent developments of PCR system and introduce value added products (scoring, billing, and benchmarking) that automate the reporting and billing processes of the system and ease access to finance. Dr. Said Aziz Sadat, Director General of PCR, said “benchmarking is a product of PCR system that provides various valuable insights on PCR data, including performance of banks and financial institutions across the key measures for sales activity and delinquency relative to the industry”. He also indicated that through benchmarking product, PCR will now be capable to obtain any kind of statistical reports. For instance, to know about the percentage of loan based on gender, age, place, etc. Afterward, Najibullah Amiri, Director of Afghanistan Banking Association (ABA) appreciated PCR’s initiative and emphasized on cooperation of commercial banks to improve data quality. At the end, Abdul Nasser Sahak, with reference to the need of Afghanistan Financial sector, PCR provided further facilities for its clients and introduced the Scoring, Billing, and Benchmarking products in details and mentioned that practical trainings will be provided to PCR users after successful implementation of the modules in the system.