PCR Aims to Increase Credit Information Sharing Regime in the Country

8 August 2018

تلاش برای ارائه معلومات اعتباری دقیق به مشتریانKabul, 08, Aug, 2018 - The Public Credit Registry department of Da Afghanistan Bank hosted a meeting at the World Bank headquarter in Kabul with the participation of IFC consultants, senior credit officers from commercial banks and micro finances, and other non-regulated entities to implement the plans for the second phase of the public credit registry system. 

Mr. Azizullah Sadat, director general of PCR said: “the main objective for the implementation of PCR’s second phase project is to collect credit data from non-regulated entities such as utility companies and telecoms”. He also mentioned upon successful implementation of the 2nd phase of PCR, the access to finance will be increased and banks and MFIs can effectively mitigate financial risks and make better-informed decisions.

According to the DAB’s strategic plan, PCR department intends to provide information on the registration of securing charge on immovable property and establish priority rights to individuals and beneficiaries. The establishment of such system requires a legal framework, where PCR department finalized the amendment draft of the mortgage law on immovable property and discussed it with legal department of DAB and IFC consultants at the meeting.

Thus, to promote banking services in the country, PCR held several meetings with Da Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat (DABS) and Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA). PCR team is keen to provide accurate credit information to customers and relevant institutions 24/7.