About Public Credit Registry

about PCR

Public Credit Registry Department (PCR) is established in the organizational structure of Da Afghanistan Bank in 2008, to collect the credit information from commercial banks and financial institutions, provide a value added services, process and analyze the information, issue credit reports, develop scores based on international best practices and issue certified secured transaction notices.

 ورکشاپ آگاهی عامه  برنامه انکشافات اخیر سیستم های ثبت اعتبارات عامه

Organization of Public Awareness Workshop to Share Recent Developments of PCR System with Commercial Banks and Microfinance Institutions

14 October 2018News

On Oct 14, 2018, Public Credit Registry Department of Da Afghanistan Bank organized a full day public awareness workshop for …

PCR Meeting with Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Czech Republic

PCR Meeting with Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Czech Republic

12 September 2018News

As part of the billing and benchmarking training, PCR team also paid a visit to H.E. Sayed Mossadeq Khalili, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the Czech Republic. During meeting with Ambassador, Dr. Aziz Sadat, Director General of PCR introduced…

Benchmarking and Billing Training in Prague

PCR Team participated on Benchmarking and Billing Training in Prague

11 September 2018News

On September 11, 2018, PCR team participated on a week-long training of newly added products (Benchmarking and Billing) of PCR system held by Credit Info Solutions at Prague. The Training was organized to bring value added …

تلاش برای ارائه معلومات اعتباری دقیق به مشتریان

PCR Aims to Increase Credit Information Sharing Regime in the Country

8 August 2018News

Kabul, 08, Aug, 2018 – The Public Credit Registry department of Da Afghanistan Bank hosted a meeting at the World Bank headquarter in Kabul with the participation of IFC consultants, senior credit officers from commercial banks and…

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